Covid-19 has you worried to go back to work?

Profil Exposition has your employees and clients health and safety at heart

Reassure your employees and clients in a sage environment. If you need help, we are here for you.

Profil Exposition offers you a series of different self standing division models for your offices and commerces.

  • Self standing divisions made available in custom
  • Plexi protection screens, that are adapted to several type of furniture and different format
  • suspended protection screens
  • Personalized graphics & templates for Covid-19
  • Banner stands
  • Printing of COVID-19 template in différent format
  • Printing of COVID-10 template on adhesive signalization for your floor
  • We also offer the printing of your logo on any self standing division or screen

*take note that we offer services that are customized to your development*

For more information or submissions, contact Julie Rodrigue

talk to us
about your project.

talk to us
about your project.

talk to us
about your project.