We have a multi-level approach combined with an effective strategy, compelling creativity, precise manufacturing, and first-class operations to provide powerful experiences from start to finish.

Our reputation for exhibition service excellence and creative ability is based on decades of hard work and dedication to our customers’ success.

More than 25 years ago, Profil Expositions was founded on the principle that if you provide a quality product and a reliable exemplary customer service, you have the recipe for success. This same formula continues to be applied today.

Over the years we have added various services to better control quality and production times. Profil Expositions is now proud to offer a complete range of services from its facilities, with a team of highly experienced professionals motivated to give the best of themselves.

Our attentiveness, our capacity for innovation, and our entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in all aspects of exhibitions and events. Innovation and creativity stimulate our pleasure of meeting challenges. We always strive to listen to our customers, to anticipate and understand their needs, and to respond to those needs by being available and reactive.

We put all our resources and skills into providing complete customer satisfaction.

Our promise is to:

  • Offer quality products and services
  • Listen to our customers with the goal of earning their trust and provide satisfaction
  • Prioritize and openness to dialogue with our customers and with our team
  • Respect our commitments vis-à-vis our customers, and to our external and internal partners
  • Treat our team with respect and to provide them with a fulfilling and stimulating environment
  • Be actively involved with our community
  • Protect the environment by applying ecological and environmentally responsible practices.

talk to us
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talk to us
about your project.

talk to us
about your project.